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September 9, 2016, China Resources Building and Shenzhen City, with the German Metal Products Co., Ltd. formally signed 2016-2018 year centralized procurement of aluminum template winning cooperation agreement. China Resources Building, including the foll

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July 17, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the first half of 2017 the country's economic operation. In January-June, the GDP was 38.149 trillion yuan, up 6.9%. Among them, the national construction industry output 8.58771 trillion yuan, an incre

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On July 14, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Printing promulgated the Notice on Listed 38 Cities including Baoding as the Third Batch of Ecological Remediation Pilot Cities in Citi

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Under the PPP model, the profit of the enterprise has changed from a single profit of the original construction to a collection of multiple profit points at the upstream and downstream of the building. This not only enables the profit sharing in various l