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Yang Dongye, vice president of Guangzhou Investment Group and his entourage came to the same company to conduct research

Mr. Yang Dongye, vice president of Guangzhou Investment Group, visited R & D and production base of aluminum formwork with LiDE earlier (July 20, 2017); Mr. Wang Nai, Deputy General Manager of Strategic Investment; Vice General Manager of Guanghai Yinhai Aluminum Mr. Hu Lei Bing, Vice President of Enterprise Development and Brand Mr. Wang Guanzhi together with the investigation.

In the company chairman Cao Ying Chun, General Manager Mr. Qu Lei and the management team visited the aluminum template research building; design and development center; aluminum formwork assembly site; Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe and the United States model room and production workshop, at the same time in the multimedia The conference center watched the company's promotional video, a detailed understanding of the company's market conditions. Subsequently, a high-level leadership collective meeting was held in the conference room on the first floor of the company.

At the symposium, Mr. Cao Yingchun, Chairman of the Company, introduced Mr. Yang Dongye and his entourage and introduced the current situation of the Company and the recent overall business operation. General Manager Mr. Qu Lei and other members of the management team introduced the company's next key work and future development vision, technology Core and key project progress.

Mr. Yang Dongye fully affirmed the achievements of the same company and said that under the background of the current national energy conservation and environmental protection, the aluminum formwork is an important means of industrialization of the construction industry. With its technology and service advantages In the market competition to obtain the leading core competitiveness. Guangzhou Investment Group ranked No. 1 in China, China's top 500 enterprises, the aluminum industry is an important part of the current Guanggu Yinhai Aluminum Company in the domestic aluminum industry in the top five, Canton Investment Group and the cooperation with Germany and Germany The downstream extension of the aluminum industry chain is of great significance.


Production and financial integration, two-wheel drive

Yang Dongye introduced the mid- and long-term strategy of the second pioneering of the aluminum industry in the group companies, the innovative strategy of "combining industry and financing, two-wheel drive" and the development goal of building a 100 billion yuan aluminum industry. After years of development, the Group's aluminum plate has actively practiced the principle of "mixed ownership", supply-side reform of light asset management and brand alliance, and has gradually formed the entire industrial chain layout from bauxite, aluminum processing to the trading of aluminum products and services. Among them, the Group's Fuzhou, Jiangxi and Tianyang Industrial Park bases in Guangxi are cooperating with LIDO to support and pay close attention to it. This is a solid step taken by GTV Group's brand alliance strategy. And important cooperation with the force an important measure is with the German and Jiangxi CIB silver common development of a good start, is the same strength to speed up the development of another practical action, and we look forward to the same strength of the aluminum template for the future Expand the production base of Fuzhou in Jiangxi Province and Tian Yang Industrial Park in Guangxi base scale play a good battle for the Group of aluminum processing industry chain to fully develop the direction of high value-added. Promote the advantages of aluminum resources into industrial advantages, economic advantages.

Fuzhou, Jiangxi Industrial Park


Jiangxi Guangyin Aluminum Co., Ltd. started construction on December 26, 2011 and has reached the design and production conditions till January 2015. Deadline On February 29, 2016, the total assets of Jiangxi CIB reached 742,246,500 yuan, and the accumulated investment in fixed assets reached 615,340,700 yuan,The main project and related facilities and equipment have been built and installed, a total investment 410,858,600 yuan, land and other intangible assets investment Into 204482100 yuan

Guangxi Tian Yang Industrial Park

Guangxi Guangyin Aluminum Co., Ltd. Tian Yang Branch started construction on January 27, 2011, to January 2013 has reached the design and production condition. As of February 29, 2016, Tian Yang branch total assets of 720 million yuan, the cumulative completion of investment in fixed assets587,767,000 yuan, of which the main project and related facilities and equipment have been completed and installed, a total investment of 393,092,200 yuan, the land

Intangible assets such as 194,678,400 yuan.