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Jingdezhen imperial kiln Museum unique design with the arched Arched aluminum formwork

Located in the center of the historic district of Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province, China, the imperial kiln under construction is adjacent to the imperial kiln site of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, surrounded by many historical and ancient kiln sites of different sizes. Due to the museum's unique arched roof and coherent exterior design, construction is a dilemma ...

Guangxi Investment Group announced a few days ago that it has become the first company in Guangxi to have a revenue of 100 billion yuan. This year, the Group ranked No. 166 in the ranking of China's top 500 enterprises. On October 26, 2016, the "China International Aluminum Week" solemnly held in Nanning, Guangxi, has more than 1,000 national and international aluminum production, research and development, trade, investment, logistics and other fields from more than a dozen countries Representatives and heads of relevant state departments and industry associations gathered together to discuss the hot topics of the aluminum industry, predict the market, discuss cooperation and seek common development of the aluminum industry. Chairman Feng Guangxi Guangxi Investment Group delivered a speech at the Aluminum Week.

    Feng Liujiang said that Guangxi Investment Group has achieved initial results in its innovative strategy of "brand alliance, integration of industry and finance." With a total assets of 250 billion yuan, GTV has become the largest state-owned enterprise with the largest total assets in Guangxi. It is the only company in Guangxi that owns the dual-3A credit rating company. GTV's aluminum segment started from aluminum smelting and practiced mixed ownership and asset-light Operation, supply-side reform, brand alliance and a series of active exploration and practice, and gradually formed from the bauxite to aluminum products trade and service of the entire industrial chain layout, striding step into the top 100 Aluminum China, to grow into China An important force in the development of aluminum industry.

    At the same time, benefiting from the economic strategy of the motherland in its globalization, China also localizes global investment in addition to its export products. For all industries in China, facing the huge overseas demand, the market has unlimited space for expansion and the export market will also determine the future development of domestic enterprises. For example, the strategic cooperation between Guangtong Group and Alibaba with Altium is to actively explore the international market so as to achieve an innovative strategy of "brand alliance, combining industry with financing."